• We not only introduce you to investments, we also invest in all the products available to us. This gives investors complete assurance not only in us but in the investments that are available at Inta Wealth.

  • The markets are moving rapidly and investors need an experienced and professional in order to keep up with the pace! We offer the perfect solution, with our team of property gurus and finance experts offering asset backed investment opportunities.

  • You have so much to think about when making an investment, and we provide access to an experienced team of professionals with exceptional knowledge.

  • Our years of experience means we are able to find off market opportunities that offer better options than online listings. We use a variety of strategies in order to achieve this and we tailor our investment opportunities to our client’s personal circumstances.

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    Investors are not charged fees, hidden or added charges. Any bond introduced, clients are referred onto the bond issuer and deal directly with an FCA regulated Securities Dealer. This process should give clients peace of mind. Neither the bond issuer or the securities dealer charge fees to the investor.

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    You can pick interest payments to suit your needs from income based or compounding growth.

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    The investments and investors capital are protected via asset backed loans like property, corporate debentures and a variety of other types of security. The fact that this security is in place is not a guarantee for the speedy return of your investment. There can be a delay in cashing these in, delaying your return.

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    Maximise your investment returns with Tax efficient saving options.

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    All investors have a Dedicated Relationship Manager. You have a contact that will become familiar with you and can help where required. Your manager will be with you all the way. You will deal with the same manager for as long as you have your investment.

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    You can invest with a minimum of £1,000 and a maximum available on application with any one of the bonds.