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    Capital Bonds Growth

    Capital Growth - CAPITAL BONDS

    Higher Returns

    Capital Bonds, also known as Corporate Bonds, have gained in popularity in recent years as a way to raise capital by companies looking for funding. This kind of investment could have higher returns than the more common investments that you would find on the “high street”. The interest returns could be higher because they are seen as much riskier investments. Potential HNW and sophisticated investors are encouraged to understand the risk elements if investing in unregulated bonds.

    It is investors looking to avoid volatile investments that usually invest in Capital Bonds that come with more predictable returns. These bonds don’t give rights of ownership unless these bonds offer a conversion option to the investor. There is usually a set term for interest to be expected from this investment.

    The Purchase of Capital Bonds is similar to giving a loan to a company. Investors usually get interest payments paid monthly or annually and come with a defined redemption term that can vary. The term however is usually 1 to 5 years.

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    Fixed Income

    Fixed Income - Annual Returns

    Higher Returns

    Best ISA Options are able to introduce potential HNW and sophisticated investors to ISA and Retail Fixed Income Investment Opportunities.

    The structure of these Opportunities is as bonds or loan notes and the majority of the time have the security of assets. There are Risk Mitigators on top in the form of insurance and Security Trustees*, in many cases.

    *Any security and Risk Mitigators DOES NOT mean that your investment is safe and DOES NOT give investors a guarantee that interest payments or capital repayment at maturity. Investors Capital is always at risk.

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    ISA - Annual Returns

    What is an innovative finance Isa, or Ifisa? An innovative finance Isa (Ifisa) - is an Isa that contains peer-to-peer loans instead of cash (as in a cash Isa) or stocks and shares (as in an investment Isa). Peer-to-peer lending matches up investors, who are willing to lend, with borrowers, who could be individuals, businesses, or property developers. Because you're cutting out a bank by investing your money through an online portal - you tend to earn higher rates of interest than a traditional savings account

    How does an IFISA work?

    An IFISA works by lending your money to borrowers in return for a set amount of interest. The calculations are based on how long you’re prepared to leave your money untouched for. You’re allowed to pay your full ISA allowance into your innovative ISA, if you choose to. For the 2020/21 tax year, the ISA allowance is £20,000 in. The tax year runs from 6th April to the 5th April.