At Best ISA Options we understand everyone has questions and we don’t think any question is a silly question, Our client confidence is paramount to us. Please see below our comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions which we are certain you will find helpful. If your question hasn’t been answered below then please do get in touch with us.

Is my investment insured?

The majority of the bonds we introduce are listed and insured. Please ask a member of our team for more information.

Are you FSCS protected?

No Best ISA Options is not FSCS protected but the majority of our partners (product provider) bonds are.

Do you offer government bonds?

No, the bonds we introduce are not government bonds. These are corporate bonds, issued by our partners (the product provider).

Am I eligible to invest?

As long as you are a UK resident aged 18 years or over (self certification form declaring whether you are a high net worth or sophisticated investor required) or a UK registered company, trust or SIPP. If you are any of these then you are able to invest with our product providers with a minimum investment of £2,000. Overseas investors are exempt from completing the self certification process.

Do I need to be a UK citizen to invest in an ISA Bond?

Yes, you are required to be a UK citizen due to ISA regulations.

Is my money secure?

With any investment, there are risks attached and no guarantees that your investment will increase in value. Your capital is at risk.

Is this a fixed interest investment?

The interest is fixed for entirety of the bond term.

Are there minimum and maximum amounts I can invest?

The minimum investment is £1,000 and the maximum is available on application.

Do Best ISA Options charge fees when my investment is purchased through the provider I have been introduced to?

No. We are paid a commission by the investment provider after your introduction from us and you have completed the investment process with them.

Is it the responsibility of Best ISA Options for the performance of my investment?

No. We are simply the introducer and the investments that we introduce to investors are independent providers. The investments’ performance is their responsibility.

Is my Best ISA Option agent available for meetings?

Yes. We encourage our clients to have at least one initial meeting with their introducing agent. The Inta Wealth office is in London and we have a relaxed policy. You are welcome to visit us at any time but it is always preferable if you arrange a meeting to ensure that your agent is available on your arrival.

Why are the investments that Best ISA Options introduce producing higher yields than more common investments?

  • The investments that Inta Wealth introduce to investors are considered high risk. Some important reasons are:
  • these are generally not diverse investments and investors are normally investing in one company which makes it a higher risk investment;
  • these are mostly illiquid investments or are of low liquidity causing them to be higher risk. For this reason you will more than likely be fixed into the term of the investment and will not be able to withdraw your capital before the term end if you needed to;
  • the investments are often less structured than with larger, more common funds that big financial institutions offer. There will be less checks carried out prior to the investment being available and thereafter
  • a variety of the companies being invested in are new and will have very little or possibly no track record, making them a high risk proposition. It is often a combination of the above that makes it a high risk investment.

How do you decide what investments are suitable for introduction?

We are always on the look out for introductions that we deem suitable for clients and we are approached regularly by companies requiring investment and to help them find High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors who are open to the possibility of investing in higher yield investments. Inta Wealth introduces investments that are listed securities, portfolios managed by FCA regulated firms, or investments that have had their Information Memorandum (IM) signed off under section 21 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 by the FCA authorised and regulated firm. Aside from this we always meet the people offering the investment opportunity and carry out our due diligence.

Can I make a direct investment through your introduction?

Yes. Your investment will be direct and you can proceed at your convenience. We have contracts with investment providers we introduce clients to and are paid a commission on completion of your investment.

Will I be pressured to make an investment after entering your database?

No. You will never be pushed into anything. You will be contacted every now and then by your agent should they think they have a suitable investment for you. The decision on whether you invest is entirely yours. The investments that we introduce are opportunities and we never insist on you investing.